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Military Family Law

Military life can be demanding.  These demands can be exaggerated when a service member's unit is deployed overseas. Unfortunately, the stress on military families is often more than the relationship can withstand.

Tennessee Military Divorce and Family Law Attorney

At Richter Family Law Group, P.C., we have lawyers experienced in military divorce law. Whether you are a service member or the spouse of a service member, you need the best military divorce lawyer you can find. Whether you are contemplating filing for divorce or have just been served with divorce papers, we have lawyers experienced in handling all aspects of a military divorce in Tennessee. Our experienced attorneys serve clients all across Tennessee, including Nashville, Memphis, Clarksville, Franklin, Murfreesboro and Jackson.


The Right Firm for your Military Divorce


We are attorneys with extensive experience in military divorce and family law cases throughout the state of Tennessee.  We serve clients based in Milington at NSA Mid-South as well as clients based at Fort Campbell.  In addition, we serve clients in the Reserves and National Guard units throughout the state of Tennessee.


Attorneys Knowledgeable in Military Divorce


At Richter Family Law Group, P.C., we are attorneys with knowledge and experience in military divorce and family law.  We understand the unique policies and processes involved in the various aspects of divorces involving military service members and their spouses.  We have complete knowledge and understanding of the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act as well as the 10/10 property division rule.  In addition, we handle all aspects of family law in Tennessee with extensive experience in child support and child custody matters.  We want to be your Tennessee Family Law attorneys.

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