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The following are answers to frequently asked questions about military divorce and family law issues. The questions are categorized by subject matter and are updated frequently. If you have a question not listed here, please submit your question by using the form to the right and we will make every attempt to list your question and answer on this page.  

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  • I believe my ex-spouse has retired and should be paying me part of the retirement, but I don't know where my ex-spouse is living. I there anything I can do?


  • My ex-spouse has retired from the military, but I am not receiving my part of the retirement. What can I do?


  • My lawyer will not prepare the proper paperwork for my portion of my ex-spouses' military retirement. Can I do it myself or do I have to have a lawyer?

  • How much does the Survivor Benefit Plan cost?


  • Is the Survivor Benefit Plan mandatory?


  • Can a service member unilaterally cancel the Survivor Benefit Plan?


  • Who has to pay for the Survivor Benefit Plan?


  • Why if I die will my ex-spouse will get more money from the Survivor Benefit Plan payments than my ex-spouse is entitled to from my pension?


  • Can I choose an amount less than the full Survivor Benefit Plan coverage?


  • Can I divide the Survivor Benefit Plan?


  • What is a deemed election and how is such an election made?


  • What are the requirements for electing the Survivor Benefit Plan for an ex-spouse?


  • What happens if the Survivor Benefit Plan was not properly elected for an ex-spouse?


  • If I get remarried, am I still entitled to the Survivor Benefit Plan?

  • ​​​​Can the ex-spouse of a service member keep Tricare after a divorce?


  • How much do continued health care benefits cost?


  • How do I sign up for continued health care benefits?


  • I was married to my service member ex-spouse for more than twenty years, am I entitled to keep my Base and Exchange priveledges?


  • If I get remarried will I still be entitled to the benefits I received in the divorce after being married for over twenty years?


  • I lost my Base and Exchange priveledges as well as Tricare coverage after I got remarried, but I just got divorced again. Can I get those privileges back?


  • How long do I have to sign up for continued health care benefits?


  • I let my continued health care benefits laps. Can I enroll again?


  • My child is still covered under TRICARE after our divorce, how can I take my child to a doctor on base if I do not have Base and Exchange Priveledges?




  • I am stationed in Afghanistan and was told by my parents that I was sent child support papers through the mail and a court date is set for next week, what should I do?


  • How long can my service member spouse delay our divorce by claiming rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act?


  • My spouse is on active duty, is stationed overseas and is refusing to accept the divorce papers.  What can I do?


  • I just found out that a court modified my child support without my knowledge and while I was overseas on active duty. What should I do?


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